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Don’t Know Much About History………

Looking to be entertained while learning something, too? Over Mother’s Day weekend, I took my mom and daughters to Grand Rivers to visit the Pinta, a “sailing museum” replica of one of the Portuguese caravels that Christopher Columbus traveled on when searching for the New World.

What did we learn? First, it was way smaller than we imagined. Even smaller than Jack Sparrow’s ship The Black Pearl. Next, there were no beds. There weren’t even any rooms. There was the open deck, where everyone worked and slept – and the downstairs, where the animals, food and water were kept. Finally, the Pinta only made one round-trip voyage across the Atlantic. It was, however, the fastest of the three ships, and its crew members were the first to spot the New World. They would have loved Kentucky Lake. 

The Pinta arrives at Green Turtle Bay each spring for a week. Visit www.ninapinta.org for schedule information. 


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Fun fact! Before I ever planned a trip to visit this sailing museum, I had chosen a photograph from
Jason Jones Photography to put in one of our guest rooms of the Pinta sailing through the canal that connects Kentucky Lake to Lake Barkley. See it on display in room 304!