Meet Our Staff

Amber Bush, Manager

Amber and her family were previous owners of the Bel Air. She agreed to stay on to manage after the motel changed ownership in October. Amber is the mother of Alexis, who grew up at the motel. Anyone who knows Amber, knows she loves animals. All of them. Even the gross and creepy ones. 

Joy Zeiter, Assistant Manager

Joy is a wife to Blake and a mom to Zayne and Laynee. Joy was a new employee of the Bel Air when ownership changed, and she agreed to continue at the Inn. She is a lifetime resident of Marshall County and loves crafting and doing things with her kids. Depends on the day as to which one she loves more….

Lauren Wesmolan, Guest Services

Lauren is a mom to boys Branton and Xander – and fiancee to Alex. She loves to fish (sometimes she even likes to catch) and – fun fact – she’s a former resident of the lovely town of Piedmont, MO. IYKYK. And it’s not a job requirement, but she LOVES the lake!

Alexis Bush, Guest Services

This kid has literally been raised at this place! Alexis loves birding and anything that has to do with nature – and that makes Kentucky Lake the perfect spot to live! Catch Alexis at West KY Aquaponics when not at the Inn.