Our Am-INN-ities!

Resort Pools

We’re pool builders, so OF COURSE the pool is magnificent! Fact check: it’s actually two pools, side by side. The lounging pool has a depth of 6” – 18” with bubbling fountains and in-pool umbrellas. The second pool has a depth of 3’ – 4.5’, featuring deck fountains, volleyball net, and in-pool bar stools with tables. We provide foam cushions that can be used either in loungers or in the pool as floats – and there won’t be a fight for chairs because we have plenty for everyone. Finally, did someone ask about pool towels? Yep, they’re in the room!

Pool House with Showers

Let’s face it – it’s a bummer to check out at 11am on a beautiful sunny day while your kids beg to swim a little longer. Now, you can check out, load the car, and stay for the day without having to hunt for the bathroom. THERE’S a reason to book a stay here! (As if you needed another one?)

Family Game Zone

Sometimes, the kids get tired of swimming. What to do? We have SOOOOO many choices in a shady little spot! Ping pong? Check. Cornhole? Check. Connect 4? Check. Washers? Check. Giant dominoes? Check and check. (Teach your kids to play – they’ll love it.) Horseshoes? Check. Volleyball? Check. You can hang out and watch, or show everyone that you’ve. Got. Game.

Poolside Picnic Area with Tables

Eating outside is underrated, because no one cares if the kool-aid spills. And at night, plug in our groovy patio lights (yes, they are Tennessee Orange as a tribute to my sweet thing) and get your party on!

Covered Pavilion with Tables and Grills

This one is for all the faithful Bel Air fans. We moved that yellow sign that you all loved to the back of the property, and rebuilt the old pavilion right next to it. We added three grills, so somebody needs to bring the charcoal. 🙂


Every once in a while, my sweet thing amazes me with his creativity – and this firepit is it. It’s cozy, it looks super cool, and It’s on a timer so you just have to turn it on. (No fighting over whether to use dry grass or newspaper to start it.) 

Click here for instructions on how to use the Firepit. 

Vending Room

Don’t you hate it when you get the munchies at 10pm and there’s nothing to eat or drink? Hit up our vending room – where’ll you find snacks, drinks, a bulk ice dispenser and a freezer full of bagged ice ($2 for guests) and our new individual bucket ice dispenser for drink ice (free to guests). Bring quarters! (Or our lobby ladies have some change during operating hours.)

Coin-Operated Washer and Dryer

You know that sometimes you just need to wash those wet clothes and towels before you head home. Or maybe you’re a forgetful packer? No problem! There’s a washer and dryer located in the vending room. And – there’s washing powder and fabric softener sheets in a handy vending machine (also needs quarters). Ta-dah!!

Porch Seating

Every unit here at the Lakehouse Inn includes two chairs and a table right outside so you can drink your coffee in peace while scrolling Insta. The cabins have rockers!

Lobby/Coffee Bar

What’s so great about it, you ask? First, it’s cute. And it’s decorated with art created by locals. Second, we have an area where you can fix fancy-shmancy coffee things that would be tough to do in your room. Finally – there are tables and chairs and couches where you can hang, play games, and watch the Weather Channel while you plan your day! And yes, you can hang out in there until we close!

All Rooms Also Include

All rooms also feature: Contactless Check-In*, Keyless Guest Entry (click here for how to use our Keyless Entry), Sleep Sound Machine, Exterior Charging for Boat Motors, Ice Dispenser for Guests, Bulk Cooler Ice for Guests (Small fee), DirecTV, Free WiFi, and continental breakfast included with stay. 

Cabins have showers only. They are equipped with an electric stove and a full-size sofa bed. Cabins are not wheelchair-accessible. 


Coming Soon! –
EV Charging, Event Space, Gift Shop, Hot Tubs, Playground