Lobby ArtWould you buy a vintage motel?

Would you buy a vintage motel?

Not many blogs start with, “I follow my ex-husband’s wife on Facebook and I found this guy who builds things.” This one does. 


Jenny had a sofa table made for their cabin in Van Buren, and I clicked to follow the guy who made it. His name is Lance and he owns CC Moveables in Van Buren. (His wife Brittany owns Currently Chic Boutique which is where the CC comes from.) I saw his post of furniture he was making for The Landing in Van Buren on a day when I just couldn’t find what I really wanted for the motel rooms. Eeek! Best day ever! 


Lance and I swapped photos and ideas and he created 35 headboards, 31 nightstands, and 18 table desks for the rooms. Along the way I found out that oak is my favorite wood for building furniture. When the rooms were done, I had a lobby vision and he helped me with that! I now have a beautiful gathering table in a custom size, a live-edge bar top, and a ChrisCraft boat replica that we use for receiving guests! 


He probably wishes I would lose his number – because he’s now making a brochure rack using old water skis. When we picked up the last round of furniture, he and Brittany sent me this cool wall art. She can make anything – so y’all hit her up if you have an idea! But don’t call Lance – I don’t want him to get famous, because he might not have time for the Inn……..


Find Lance here:  CC Moveables | Van Buren MO

Find Brittany here: Currently Chic