Lobby ArtWhat started my vision for the Lakehouse Inn lobby?

What started my vision for the Lakehouse Inn lobby?

This is it. 


I didn’t have a plan for the lobby when we started the renovation. I didn’t even have a plan for the rooms when we started. But I was scrolling one day last spring (you know what I mean) and saw that the 1857 Hotel in Paducah had a display of some needlework during Quilt Week. I saw a framed piece that I loved, so I went the next day to buy it. I meant to put it in my house – but the trees with the sun behind them reminded me of the lake, so this became the first local art piece for the lobby. From there, I had so many ideas for ways to incorporate local art into the rooms, lobby and even the grounds. I was on a hunt. In a good way. 


It was months later when I actually turned the piece over and saw the name Rachael Baar on the back with the title “Blushing Sun.” Turns out she is the Curator at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah. I hope she hears how much I love this piece, and how much it reminds me of the needlework my mom and Nana did at night back when people sat together in the living room