Room PhotographsBridges Along the Hematite Lake Trail (Room 104)

Bridges Along the Hematite Lake Trail (Room 104)

“Hiking along the back portion of Hematite Lake Trail will take you over several bridges. This one is near Barnes Hollow and Long Creek, which is one of my family’s favorite spots to stop along the hike. We know there is a good chance of spotting a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians sunbathing along the shoreline.

During the wetter months, Long Creek will flow more fully allowing people to explore the creek and wildlife that call it home. We love this particular area of the hiking trail because of the shade and bubbling sound of the creek nearby. It reminds us of one of our favorite vacation spots, the Great Smoky Mountains, but with the added bonus of being closer to home.”

Amy Wright, Photographer 

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