UncategorizedHeaded to the Funky Monkey? These 3 tips will save the day!

Headed to the Funky Monkey? These 3 tips will save the day!

Looking for a way to get creative with the kids? Or maybe you need a girls’ outing? I recommend the Funky Monkey Pottery Company in Draffenville! Roll in, pick a ceramic item, choose your paint and start creating. My daughter Libby and I went on a Wednesday afternoon – she chose matching dog bowls for sweet Georgia the doodle, and I opted for a groovy vase that reminded me of something from Beauty and the Beast. (Think Mrs. Potts!) 

Trying to pick colors was stressful because they look SO light in the bottles, yet they turn out much deeper when they are fired and glazed. Luckily there’s a “Paint Wall” that shows what colors will actually look like. And make sure to only touch the ceramic pieces with clean hands! (The nice ladies there will walk you through everything, and are super helpful.) Lib and I decided that there were three things we wish we had known before we went:

  1. If you think you’ll be there for an hour, plan for two. Choosing your pottery, picking paints, learning what to do and not to do, and then just painting takes a lot longer than you think. And if you are hunting for stencils? That takes time, too. Of course, it is totally worth it!
  2. Start simple. If you’re a novice, choose a small item so you can finish it.
  3. If you don’t follow tip #2 (like me) and have to go back on another day to finish –  take a picture of the paint colors that you used so you can find them the next time. Wow, those blues all look alike. 

In a week or so, you head back to pick up your completed piece. I was pleasantly surprised by mine! Try not to be hard on yourself if it’s not perfect – painting is such a peaceful activity, and social media will still be there when you’re finished.  

We haven’t done it yet, but I noticed that they also have the option of Glass Fusion classes. That will be our next outing! 

The Funky Monkey Pottery Company is open Wednesday – Saturday, 10am – 6 pm, and Sundays from 1pm – 5pm. Check their Facebook page for updated hours! 



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